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Both personally and professionally, I’m a big fan of Twitter. The tool is great for listening, learning and connecting.

A few months ago, Hubspot introduced a new tool called Twitter Grader. Twitter Grader seeks to quantify a person’s Twitter profile by using the following information:

  • The number of followers you have
  • The power of this network of followers
  • The pace of your updates
  • The completeness of your profile
  • …a few others 

Twitter Grader continues to improve and add new features. One feature they added was segmenting their “Twitter Elite” into cities, thus making it easier for more people to reach “Elite” Status.

Well ladies and gentlemen, tonight, LuxorLV is officially part of the Las Vegas Twitter Elite! I even took a screenshot to prove it 🙂 I think this calls for a PB+J martini celebration!


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