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Because Luxor is so diverse, from its staff to its venues, hearing only one “voice” on this blog would be an inaccurate portral of Luxor. So, I plan to work with employees and various departments to get as many different voices and Guest Posts as possible. Below is one from Kussette who works at Liquidity, the center bar at Luxor.
Luxor was known for its Egyptian theme, hieroglyphics on the wall, mummies, pharaoh, sphinx, obelisk, RA, Nile and Nefertiti’s. Now, those were things of the past. The Luxor is reborn. There is a whole new different experience from what was ancient. We’re now more living in the present with a more lively and provocative atmosphere in the center bar, Liquidity and restaurant and nightclubs like LAX and CatHouse. We got the perfect hang out to talk and meet new people in Aurora– lobby bar. Why not try some refreshing cocktails on your first landing to Vegas. I recommend the Liquid Lemonade as one of the most refreshing cocktails invented. How about something different like a Strawberry Caprioskasfor the sweet tooth drinker or the popular signature drink Aurora which is fresh blueberries martini. It would be best to have it on Thurs-Mon from 8pm-6am. Don’t ask why, just take my word on it 😉

Not to mention, Flight, the best hang out while waiting for flights departure in LAS airport or to go to LAX nightclub on Wed, Thurs, Fri or Sat. One should definitely try the flights such as the First Class Whiskey or First Class Tequila. You’ll be paying much less to try ultra premium spirits in this bar than any other bar ever. Such as Patron Platinum and Crown XR plus it comes with the most creative garnishes ever like beef jerky for whiskeys and butterscotch candies for apple martinis. You name it they have the most eclectic menu out there.

In Liquidity, which is the center bar of it all, you can taste the slow dripping Absinthe.

Lastly, Criss Angel or Carrot Top might be the next person you see hanging out in one of the lounge or nightclubs mentioned. There is more to come at Luxor, like escalators, Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition and BODIES… The Exhibition and a whole bunch more for the ecstatic, energetic and full spirit crowd.


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I have a confession. One of my biggest guilty pleasures is CatHouse‘s cotton candy. I can’t figure out why, but it’s slightly different than “normal” cotton candy. It’s lighter, more magical and there’s some flavor in it that makes you feel like a kid and an “adult” at the same time.

Needless to say, I look for any excuse to visit CatHouse and eat cotton candy. Last night provided just that 🙂 Yesterday, was the soft opening for CatHouse’s newest night, Closet Sundays. Of course, I had to check it out. As a hotel (and a company) we’re big on diversity. We’re also big on providing experiences for everyone and anyone. Closet Sundays provides an upscale Fashion Boutique ultralounge for those in the LGBT community and for those who just enjoy fashion. And wow, there are fashion shows, models and clothing companies galore at this event!

If you want to learn more about the event, view the official press release. While it doesn’t mention the fabulous cotton candy, it does go into more event details.

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