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Yesterday, the Orbitz Travel Blog posted about their Top 10 Casino Lounges. I was excited to see that Liquidity, the Center Bar at Luxor had made the list! The post got me thinking about what my top five favorite and maybe unknown places at Luxor were. Without further adieu:

  1. Noir Bar inside LAX. Noir Bar has the most extraordinary bartenders you will ever meet. While I often get a PB&J martini there, if you name two of your favorite foods, the bartenders will whip up a drink with those ingredients. They are always spot on.
  2. T&T (Tacos & Tequila). By far my favorite spot for lunch. I know it sounds like marketing talk, but there really is a fun, high energy vibe there. The shrimp quesadilla and ceviche are my favorites. Plus, you can’t beat the free chips and dip they serve.
  3. Aurora Bar. Located off the main lobby, it’s great for people watching. You can always judge the quality of a place by their mojitos. And well, Aurora has the best  mojitos I’ve ever had.
  4. Carrot Top. I know, the curly orange hair is wild. But, the show is great! Especially for locals. Carrot Top always mixes up his act and adds new, relevant skits. Plus, the laugh factor is high. It’s one show I really don’t mind watching again and again.
  5. Nurture, the Spa at Luxor. I’m a girl. The idea of a massage, pedicure and steam room all in one place is heavenly. While this spa has your typical offerings, they also have unique ones like a Coconut Scrub and a seasonal offer (i.e. Margarita scrub during summer). Plus, you can’t beat their prices or that the spa always offers 20% off to locals!

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Here’s to four great years! Congratulations Barack Obama and good luck.

Obama's Face on the Sphinx

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I thought it would be fun to see what I’ve been talking about on Twitter. With the help of TweetScan and Wordle, below is a visual image (or tag cloud) of my last 500 tweets.

LuxorLV Tag Cloud

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This week, CES (Consumer Electronics Show) was in town. With it came a lot of Twitter folks like Chris Brogan, Justin Levy, Greg Verdino, Joesph Jaffe and more.

A few days pre-show, I saw Chris Brogan’s tweet asking if anyone could help get him a picture of himself standing on the TI Pirate Ship for his pirate theme.

Quickly, I replied to him saying, I’d try to help. Then, I went to work with PR to see if we could make it happen. Our PR team rocks. They get a multitude of calls and emails daily and sort through which requests make sense and which ones don’t.

On the surface, Chris’s request doesn’t make too much sense. While he’s considered press (anyone who has a blog is), he doesn’t blog about Vegas. Moreover, he wasn’t using the picture to promote MGM MIRAGE, TI or the show the boat is used in, Sirens of TI. Honestly, I thought PR might reject the request and told Chris and Justin just that.

However, PR is very supportive of our social media efforts and took that, as well as the fact that the request was coming from me (vs. an outside source) into account. To everyone’s excitement, Chris and his “pirate crew” got to board the Pirate Ship, The Song (one of several pirate ships TI owns) on Friday, January 9, 2009.

The result?

This article, new friends, a wonderful story about how brands can make a difference by using Social Media and being “human aware” and of course, the below picture.

Justin Levy, Chris Brogan and Colin Browning onboard The Song

Justin Levy, Chris Brogan and Colin Browning onboard The Song. *Picture by Brian Solis

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Part Three of both this Guest Post series and David Raatz’s (@raatz) Vegan Dinig Guide. You can read Part One (South Strip) of the Gluttonous Vegan Dining Guide here and Part Two (Center Strip) here.


North Strip

The Buffet

The Buffet at Wynn is the only buffet in town that competes with The Buffetat Bellagio for veggie extravagance. I find both buffets almost indistinguishable in their excellence, which perhaps isn’t surprising considering the two hotels’ shared lineage.


Benihanaat the Las Vegas Hilton offers some magnificent stir-fry veggies – along with an always-entertaining cooking show. In my experience, the chefs are highly accommodating to vegans. For example, they will make sure not to cook your food in butter, if you ask. The Hilton is just a short monorail ride from the MGM Grand.

Triple 7 Restaurant and Microbrewery(Downtown Las Vegas)

Triple 7 Restaurant and Microbrewery at Main Street Station has surprisingly good veggie sandwiches and a wonderful variety of vegetarian sushi. This place is also a fun venue to watch sports.

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New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas was nothing short of spectacular!

From people winning jackpots to Robbie Maddison and Evil Knieval’s son jumping over the Mirage volcano to a multitude of celebrities hosting parties at the night clubs, it was surely a night to remember and the perfect way to ring in 2009!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a party without fireworks and the ones viewed from Luxor were gorgeous!

NYE Luxor

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