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I have had a secret. The first time I saw CRISS ANGEL Believe I was disappointed. The storyboards that I had seen and the vision that I had heard for the past year were unbelievable. But, they hadn’t quite translated to the live show. Yet.

I saw the show every night during its first week of public preview performances. Then, I took a week off. Tonight, I saw it again. And wow, was I impressed. I¬†wrote a little bit about the Cirque du Soleil process in my last post, but I didn’t fully understand it. Now I do. Tonight, illusions had been added, lots of scenes had changed and even the sound had improved. I now understand that those changes couldn’t have been made without the help of a live audience. An audience that changes and reacts nightly. An audience that has no idea what the story should be and is 100% brutally honest.

Do I think the show is going to go through even more changes in the next few weeks? Absolutely. But then again, KA and Zumanity are still going through changes and they’ve been opened for years! However, I can tell you one thing; I’m now more excited than ever to see the show on October 31 the “official” Opening Night!


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