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Thanks to twitter, I heard about Jeff Caswell’s Project 100: 100 authors, 400 words each, 1 topic and 1 great cause- Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Research and Awareness.

I’m excited and humbled to be one of the authors of the book. The book is available for purchase here.  For roughly $25.00 you’ll have access to 100 great minds offering their thoughts and opinions in the social media space.

Below is my contribution to the book. I’m sure the other 99 are just as fantastic if not better, so if you have a chance, check out the book!

Everything I Need to Know About Social Media, I Learned in Kindergarten

Sometimes, I wish I worked for an unknown start-up company. Instead, I work for one of the most indulgent, talked about cities in the world… Vegas. If you haven’t been there for a shotgun wedding, a crazy bachelor party or your 21st birthday, your friend has.

As of November 15, 2008, 2,210,092 Flickr photos, 92,000 YouTube videos and 153,640 U.S. Facebook profiles are tagged “Vegas”. Moreover, Las Vegas trip reviews far outweigh those about any other tourist destination, including Orlando and New York City combined!

Despite its popularity, Vegas is not the only thing people talk about. Today, both the real and virtual world are saturated with advertising messages. How do you break through that clutter? Whether you are an individual, a start-up business or a highly talked about Fortune 500 Company, everything you need to know about breaking through the chatter you learned in kindergarten.

If you don’t share, who’s going to share with you? These days, more is garnered from ‘sharing’ than ‘searching’.  Similar to push versus pull marketing, the new goal should be to inspire people to share information instead of searching for it. Make your contribution to the community at large by improving, facilitating and sharing in the conversation. Share anything– ideas, your newest ad or the link to the research study you’re reading. Trust me, if you’re already thinking about it, by the time your competitors catch up, you will be onto the next project.

The conversations that scare marketers the most are the real gems. Embrace any reaction about your brand, take the leap and respond. There’s no “perfect” answer. Not even those who market for the largest hotels in the world (15 of the 20 largest are located in Vegas) have one. Be honest, admit when you’ve “hurt somebody” and thank those that offer help and suggestions.

The best part about applying the Golden Rule to social media is that online conversations become offline realities. Previously, new ideas, new products and new ways of doing things took years to attain and implement. Today, with the help of Social Media, these things are garnered faster, and as an added, but invaluable bonus, new friendships are obtained as well.

Maybe spending time on the playground was luckier than any of us ever knew.


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Yesterday, I did an interview with our internal PR guru, Craig. He recently started an all-company internal newsletter and wanted his next article to be about what MGM MIRAGE is doing in the Social Media space.

I talked about this blog, Luxor’s Facebook and MySpace pages and my thoughts on social media and why it was important that Luxor participate. Craig doesn’t have a blog or a Facebook profile and he hasn’t checked his MySpace one in months, so it was hard for him to share and understand my enthusiasm. So, I switched gears and started talking about Twitter. I mentioned that earlier I tweeted about this interview. Craig thought that was cool. Then, I had an idea. I said, “Hey, let’s ask the twitterverse a question. What do you want to ask?” We came up with this:


Within ONE minute I had several responses. In less than five minutes, I had over 30 amazing responses! Craig was shocked and amazed. I could see his eyes light up and the light bulb go off. He got it. He understood the importance, the cool factor and the value of social media. In less than three minutes YOU were able to explain what I had been trying to explain for 30 minutes.

These were just a few of the responses:


To all those that responded to my question and helped out yesterday, THANK YOU. You are all truly amazing and special people… you ROCK MY SOCKS!

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