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For the first week it opened, I saw CRISS ANGEL Believe every night. Some thought I was crazy, others were jealous. But, I really enjoyed watching the show change, evolve and how each audience reacted differently.

If you didn’t realize it, CRISS ANGEL Believe is currently in a “Preview Period”. Before most shows open, they travel around and perform on smaller stages before debuting on Broadway, etc. But, Cirque du Soleil performances don’t do that; they open on the stage they’ll perform on forever. Because of this, there’s usually a five week Preview Period before the show “officially” opens. During this time, the audience helps the cast and crew refine their timing, understand what the audience likes and dislikes and how they will react.

By seeing the show every night for a week, I could really see some of the show’s evolution. It also gave me a chance to pick my favorite part; although, I’m a little torn. I LOVE the stage, the music and the costumes (especially those for the rabbits). In fact, I like the music so much that I started listening to it at work. And the costumes? Well, they’re just cool, especially because every rabbit has a completely different one; almost like they’re people, with totally different personalities. What about the stage you wonder? Well, that will have to wait for another post… I haven’t figured out a way to describe it while still doing it justice. However, those aren’t really scenes, just pieces. I guess you’ll have to wait until a future post to learn my favorite scene 🙂

In the meantime, below are links to a few recent reviews:

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