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One reason I and a lot of others like Luxor is because of our unique shape. I mean, how many people can say, “I work for a hotel that’s shaped like a pyramid?” Outside of Vegas, not many 🙂

With such a unique shape, the building also allows for some cool and creative outdoor ad placements. You can see some of them here.

For most of the building wraps, we partner with Sky Tag for the production and placement. This time was no different.

The ad is two-fold. Vice President of Luxor Marketing (and my boss), Brad Goldberg said, “We call this our ‘focus campaign’ with the goal being to drive people’s focus and attention on Luxor and Las Vegas.”

As we continue to move away from our Egyptian theme, this building wrap helps to remind people about the excitement, intrigue and mystique of both Luxor and Vegas.

“Now more than ever, we’re trying to get people to think about taking a break and to get away from the stress they may be encountering. We want to get them thinking about Las Vegas as a primary and economical vacation and business destination,” Goldberg said.

For more information, quotes and pictures, read this article by the Las Vegas Sun. For more information on partnering with Luxor, visit our Strategic Partnerships page.

Luxor's Newest Building Wrap

Luxor's Newest Building Wrap


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We have a closed community of “Luxor Insiders” that give us feedback, help us choose new ads and provide us with great ideas about what you want. Someday soon I’m hoping to make the entire community public. But, we’re not there yet. However, I would like to give our twitter followers and blog readers a sneak peak.

So… help us choose our next magazine ad by completing a SUPER short survey. At the end, you’ll be redirected to one of our private offers as a “thank you” for participating. Please note: this invitation is only open until Friday, October 31.

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