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We updated the url of this blog to http://www.luxorinsider.com! If you had the old url bookmarked or subscribe to the feed, please update accordingly.

Some new widgets were also added to the side – see our latest Flickr picture or my Yahoo! Answers to questions about Las Vegas.

Happy Sunday!


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A Little Bit About this Blog

This blog was started because Luxor firmly believes that the cornerstone of our business relies on providing easy and exceptional customer service. We also think Las Vegas and Luxor are pretty cool places to live and work; we want to share our experiences with you.

Here’s a few bullet points about what this blog is, will be and what it is not:

  • This blog is an “All Access”, first person point of view about Luxor Hotel and Casino
  • While the blog is managed by the person who handles the Interactive Marketing (read more about me), it will also include guest posts from other employees in various departments
  • Luxor Hotel and Casino is currently going through a rebranding and remodeling. I’ll include news about our remodel, new venues, etc.
  • I’d like to say this blog will have “no marketing”, but I work in the Marketing Department; that’s where my POV comes from. However, I do promise no “hard” marketing messages in the posts. If you ever see one, just let me know!
  • I hope this blog inspires feedback, ideas and better customer service for our past, current and future guests.

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A Little Bit About Me

Before I jump into the “All Access” blog posts, I thought I’d share a little bit of information about the persona behind this blog and @LuxorLV.

  • I’ve worked for MGM MIRAGE for two years and currently handle the Interactive Marketing for Luxor.
  • I think I have a pretty cool and fun job. It runs the gamut from our online and mobile advertising, email marketing, presence in engagement mediums and social networks, managing our websites and mobile marketing… basically anything that happens online 🙂
  • I’m a girl
  • I’m originally from South Florida and moved to Vegas two years ago
  • In my spare time, I enjoy swimming, running, photography and sports

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