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Vegas Visitors

I’m on “vacation” for the next few days. Old family friends in town + 4 weeks of vacation time I need to use up before January = taking 5 days off. I LOVE when friends come into town because it helps me see Vegas like everyone else does. After living here for two years, I’ve gotten used to the giant buildings, bright lights and 24 hour service. You mean your grocery store isn’t opened 24 hours and sells any liquor imaginable?

For me, having friends in town brings back the excitement and makes me realize how cool my job really is. Because I’m a dork, I can’t wait to take my friends on a tour of Luxor and point out all our new venues, transformations and tell some of the stories behind them. While some parts are still under construction (mostly the Atrium level), you can finally start to see the “new” Luxor from the inside. It’s pretty (I should probably say sleek, sexy or upscale, but today, I’m going with pretty) and I’m proud of everyones hard work to make these changes become a reality!

Oh yeah, and spending the day laying out at the pool and ignoring email won’t be too bad either 🙂


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