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As crazy as it sounds, it snowed on the Las Vegas Strip today! In fact, it’s snowing so much that the LAS Airport shut down, roads closed and students have a Snow Day tomorrow!

According to the TV news, Las Vegas hasn’t seen this much snow in 30 years!

The coolest part of the day? The Pyramid started to become covered in snow. Because of it’s shape, it was one of the few buildings that held the snow in a way that you could really see it. If it snows more tonight, maybe we’ll get to go sledding down The Pyramid (just kidding, but wouldn’t that be fun?!).

Anyway, thanks to Twitter, I was able to compile a few pictures of what it looked like. They were all taken while driving, so the quality is a little poor, but they are all very cool! Enjoy.

Snow on Luxor

Snow on Luxor

Snow on Luxor

Las Vegas Sign


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